The Mayor Pro Tem suggested that the NRA hold its convention elsewhere, not in Dallas, but he is likely to be ignored. 

“Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway on Monday urged the National Rifle Association to find a new home for its annual meeting in May.

“Caraway said that the NRA event, scheduled for May 3-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, is inappropriate for Dallas after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last week. The NRA’s meeting will include firearms displays and exhibits, and the group’s national elected officials will participate in leadership meetings. According to the website, ammunition sales are permitted, but on-site firearm sales are not.

“In a written statement, Caraway said that it’s “time to put the heat on the NRA.” He followed up his written comments with a news conference outside City Hall in which he decried high-powered civilian-owned weapons and gun violence in Dallas, referencing both the 1963 Kennedy assassination and the July 7, 2016, ambush on police.

“Caraway said asking the NRA to reconsider was “a tough call” but would put the city’s residents first. He said the NRA’s political positions would lead to demonstrations that Dallas would be forced to handle and that the organization needs to “come to the table” and be part of a solution.

“I would hope they would be sensitively moral themselves at some point,” he said of the powerful interest group that has not bowed to past criticisms. “I would hope that the NRA would be watching, as I’m sure they are, around the country what has just taken place. They have children. They have families. At some point, they need to understand, and I think they do, that there will be opposition when they come here.”

Other officials said it would not happen. The contract is signed and the event is May 3-6.

Expect protestors.

Expect students. Maybe survivors of the Parkland Massacre.

Expect parents. Maybe parents of the dead children at Sandy Hook or Columbine.

Expect teachers and principals and superintendents.

Maybe they will carry posters with pictures of students and teachers killed because of NRA’s refusal to regulate access to guns.

Do they have no shame?