Iowa has one of the best school systems in the nation, but legislators are working to pass a voucher program.

They very likely belong to ALEC, where they got their marching orders to destroy public education.

The bill advanced on a party line vote, with Democrats opposed. Every student who gets a voucher will take $5,000 away from the state’s public school. That amount will not be enough for a high quality private school.

In recent studies, done by scholars of different views, vouchers depress student achievement. Do Iowa legislators know that? Do they care?

The sponsor admitted that his plan would reduce funding for public schools:

“Yeah, it’s going to take a student away and that funding will go away (for public schools),” he said. “But that’s no different than a student leaving for any other reason. So schools have to deal with that all the time – declining enrollment or enrollment changing.”

Citizens of Iowa must rise up and say no. No to vouchers! No to additional “flexibility” to charter schools! No to budget cuts for public schools.