When I visited Michigan in the past few years, I met an extraordinarily smart and dedicated friend of public schools. Her name is Ellen Cogen Lipton. As a state legislator, she was fearless in challenging Governor Rick Snyder and his rightwing agenda of privatization.

The fight for public schools will be her leading issue as a candidate for Congress. 

“Lipton, of Huntington Woods, served three terms in the state House and lost in the Democratic primary for the 11th District state Senate seat in 2014. She said she is running in the 9th Congressional District to fight against the policy goals of President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

“I’ve taken on Betsy DeVos to fight for public education and I’ll do it again,” Lipton said in a statement. “With my background in education, science, and the law, I’ll take on Donald Trump and the special interests who put the well-being of corporations before families trying to make ends meet.”

Ellen deserves our support. If you live in Michigan, please volunteer.