Here are some sound, sensible wishes for students by Nancy Bailey. 

101 of them. Each one five words or less.

Imagine a world where children went to school eagerly, happily, ready to learn.

Start with this:


Provide children plenty of recess.

Pay attention to child development.

Cherish play for children.

Encourage teens to socialize.

Lower class sizes.

Bring back the arts.

Provide all students art instruction.

Give students credentialed art teachers.

Let children dance.

Sing-along with students.

Teach students to play instruments.

Display student art in schools.

Bring back school plays.

Showcase student writing.

End high-stakes testing.

Teach better civics.

Bring back Home Economics.

Help teens balance a checkbook.

Teach students self-care.

Provide school nurses.

Help students learn money management.

Provide 12th grade career information.

Develop good career-technical education.

Give students with disabilities services.

Make IEPs relevant and personal.

Address dyslexia.

Show students how to adapt.

Help students find alternatives.

Find student strengths.

Provide teachers special education preparation.

Value parents in educational decisions.

Quit pushing school choice.

Stop throwing money at charters.

That’s only 1/3 of Nancy’s wishes.

Read the rest and add your own.