The Houston Chronicle has taken note of the unusual expenditures of a small charter chain that found it necessary to purchase two condos in luxury apartment buildings for “office space” and “storage.”

I wrote about this charter “chain” yesterday.

Since Houston and Texas have been charter-crazy, this is a tiny little wake-up call about the risks of turning public money over to private entrepreneurs without accountability or transparency.

This editorial calls on the leaders of KIPP and other charter chains to join in demanding a state investigation:

“It’s easy to imagine the outrage that would ensue if Houston ISD purchased apartments in posh neighborhoods – and the inevitable electoral fallout for district trustees. With charter schools, however, voters don’t have recourse to the ballot box when problems arise.

“The public needs answers to the serious questions posed by Accelerated’s peculiar spending. TEA investigators must act quickly to ensure charter school funds are spent on behalf of students, and not to support the lifestyles of administrators.”

Start with this embarrassment, then investigate the state’s many Gulen charters, then keep going.