John Oliver broadcast this show in mid-2016. It remains one of the most amazing, most generous gestures I have ever seen.

Oliver, as you may know, mixes up great information and in-depth reporting with funny graphics and unexpected jokes. He keeps viewers entertained as he educates them.

In this segment, he explains debt collection agencies, how they buy debt of all kinds for pennies on the dollar, try to collect, and if they don’t succeed, sell it to another debt collector. The hapless consumer can expect to be harassed with increasingly unscrupulous and aggressive tactics.

Oliver’s team goes to debt collection industry meetings, where the industry leaders talk about consumers as dumb clucks. He films an Arkansas legislator pushing a bill to reduce consumer rights and misrepresents its purpose. It passes easily.

Finally, he does something utterly remarkable.

He creates and incorporates a new debt collection agency Of his own. His company buys $16 million of unpaid medical bills for only $15,000. The bills are owed by 9,000 people. And, then, as chairman of the board, he forgives all the debt.

This is one of the most brilliant and generous stunts ever. Nine thousand families were cleared of medical debt by John Oliver’s gesture.

How about it, Bill Gates? Eli Broad? The Walton family? Sheldon Adelson? John Arnold? Doris Fischer? Reed Hastings? Arthur Rock? Bruce Rauner? Penny Pritzker? The DeVos family? Laurene Powell Jobs?

One generous act of compassion and kindness. If John Oliver can do it, why not you?