On Tuesday November 7, all eyes will be on Virginia. The gubernatorial race is the first statewide election since the presidential election of 2016.

The choice is clear. Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam is a physician, a veteran, an experienced elected official. He is a moderate Democrat. He supports public schools, not privatization, not charters or vouchers. His opponent Ed Gillespie is running as a Trump surrogate, committed to school privatization like Betsy DeVos.

This election is a referendum on Trump. It is also a referendum on the future of public education. Northam is a product of Virginia public schools, and he has promised to improve them, not destroy them.

Many candidates are running for the House of Delegates on a pro-public schools platform. They are teachers, parents, public school graduates who know how important public schools are to our democracy.

Here is a list of candidates who deserve your help and your vote.

If you live in their district, vote for them and make sure that your friends and neighbors vote for them.

They are:

Hala Ayala: https://ayalafordelegate.com

Jennifer Carroll Foy: https://www.jennifercarrollfoy.org

Kelly Fowler: https://www.voteforfowler.com

Morgan Goodman: https://goodmanfordelegate.com

Elizabeth Guzman: http://elizabethguzmanforvirginia.com

Debra Rodman: http://rodmanfordelegate.com

Danica Roem: http://mobile.dudasite.com/site/danicafordelegate#2919

Shelley Simonds: https://www.simondsfordelegate.com

Schuyler VanValkenburg: https://www.vanvalkenburg4va.com

Cheryl Turpin: https://cherylturpinforvb.com/

Please vote. Every vote counts.

Vote for delegates who will improve our public schools.

Your vote could be the single vote that wins the elec