Education Post announced a competition for videos celebrating the glories of school choice. There will be prizes of $15,000 each to the lucky winners.

Education Post is funded by Eli Broad, the Walton Family, Michael Bloomberg, and sundry other billionaires.

It is led by Peter Cunningham, who served in the first term of the Obama administration as Arne Duncan’s Assistant Secretary for Communication, P.R., etc.

On the presumption that it was part of the Democratic center, it supposedly supports charters (partial privatization), not vouchers. That was then. This is now.

Read Peter Greene about the contest.

But a closer look makes this contest even more interesting. First of all, instead of focusing only on charter schools, this contest is to promote a broader agenda:

There is no “one size fits all” school or educational model that works for everyone. That is why it is important for students and families to have the freedom to choose the pathway that best meets their needs, whether that is a different public school, charter, magnet, private school, virtual/blended, or homeschool.

That moves us away from the strictly-charter advocacy and into something more closely aligned with, well, the agenda of Betsy DeVos. Plenty of charter advocates have cast a leery eye on voucher systems– but this contest loves it all. And EdPost is promoting it.

Whose contest is this, exactly?

Well, the main address on the site is that of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Florida-based group that, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, was going to provide a platform to help launch Jeb Bush to the White House. FEE has actually changed its name, at least in some places, to ExcelInEd, a group that includes all the same players and still calls itself the Foundation for Excellence in Education in the fine print on its site. I bring ExcelInEd up only because they are nominally the launchers of this contest. Mostly I am just dying for them to open an Ohio branch so that we can call them EiEiO. FEE/EiE is one of the older, more well-entrenched reformy groups with a Who’s Who of deep-pocketed donaters including Gates, Walton, Broad, Kellogg, Bloomberg, Schwab, News Corporation and Dick and Besy DeVos.

Also sponsoring the contest? American Federation for Children, Betsy DeVos’s advocacy group. AFC is a dark money group that has been working hard to push privatization of education in this country (for the children).

Also? EdChoice, the advocacy group previously known as the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, the group launched by Milton Friedman.