National attention has rightly focused on the gubernatorial race between Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a moderate Democrat, and Ed Gillespie, a Trump Republican. Northam is a military veteran, a physician, and an experienced government official who will defend the rights of all Virginians to justice, healthcare, public education, and a safe environment. Gillespie is a former chair of the Republican National Committee and GOP hack who will protect Confederate statues, privatize public schools, and enact the Trump-DeVos agenda.

If Northam is elected, he needs allies in the state legislature. If he is not elected, Gillespie needs a legislature to block him when he tries to transfer public funds to religious, private, and for-profit schools, as he has promised to do.

Here are candidates for the legislature who will fight for Virginia’s public schools. Please vote for them, volunteer for them, donate to their campaigns:

Debra Rodman:

Schuyler VanValkenburg:;

Jennifer Carroll Foy:

Elizabeth Guzman:

Hala Ayala:

Shelley Simonds:

Morgan Goodman:

Kelly Fowler:

Please vote. Every vote counts.

Vote for delegates who will improve our public schools.

Your vote could be the single vote that wins the election!