Bill Phillis, executive director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy, objects to the billions of dollars that have been diverted from public schools to privately managed charter schools.

He read lawyer Robert Amsterdam’s “Empire of Deceit”—about the Gulen Network of charters—and was outraged.

He wrote:

“Gulen organization receives 40 percent of the earnings of Turkish employees of charter schools

“Mustafa Emanet, a former H-1B employee of the Gulen organization, indicates that 40 percent of the salaries of Turkish employees in the Gulen charter industry are deducted from their paycheck, and additional contributions to Gulenists causes are required.

“Emanet provided a copy of the bylaws of Tuzuk to Robert Amsterdam, author of EMPIRE OF DECEIT: An Investigation of the Gülen Charter School Network. These bylaws specify salary schedules that are 40 percent below the actual salary.

“The Gulen Empire makes major contributions to Gulen-friendly politicians. Other perks include free trips to Turkey.

“It is amazing that some politicians put the nation at risk in exchange for perks and campaign contributions.

“Why are the news media organizations reluctant to delve into this matter? Just wondering…

“Robert Amsterdam’s book EMPIRE OF DECEIT: An Investigation of the Gülen Charter School Network is available online at”