Many readers have contacted me offline to ask why they no longer receive the blog. If you no longer receive the blog, you probably won’t see this message from me, but I am letting you know that an untold number of readers have been blocked.

This is very puzzling because members of my own family have been inexplicably dropped by WordPress.

WordPress always says “they are blocking us,” yet when I ask those I know, they are puzzled because they have done nothing to block the blog.

I now have many email exchanges with WordPress. The only positive thing I can say is the people who respond no longer call themselves “Happiness Engineers.”

This is how to contact Support at WordPress.

“A few of the email addresses listed have blocked us from sending any subscription emails. I have followed up with them to point out where they can change their settings.

Please have them check their inbox, as well as spam folders. If they still have trouble, please have them contact us at, and refer to ticket #688249, so that we can work with them directly to troubleshoot what might be happening.”