After more than twenty years of state control, the Newark Public Schools will be restored to local control.

A Newark school board, elected by the public, will have the power to hire and fire its own superintendent.

Chris Cerf, who previously was state superintendent in New Jersey, will be the Newark superintendent until his contract expires in 2018.

This article, from the twentieth year of state control, has some interesting before and after statistics. Enrollment is down, test scores and graduation rates are up, the district enrollment is more Hispanic than it was in 1995. There has been quite a lot of turnover in leadership of the district. Some things are certainly better, by the numbers.

I will wait to hear more from our friends in New Jersey about the changes. Was it Chris Christie? Chris Cerf? Cami Anderson? Mark Zuckerberg? Money? Charter schools? All of the above? None of the above?

Congratulations to the people of Newark on regaining control of your community public schools.