John Ogozalek teaches history and economics in upstate New York. He was disappointed by the 2016 election, to put it mildly. But one good thing happened: he lost 15 pounds. I, on the other hand, expressed my nerves by eating chocolate ice cream. I gained ten pounds.

John writes:

Well, there’s a lot that Donald Trump has done in his short stay in the White House. A lot. Next to none of it good by my reckoning.

But I can say he helped me lose 15 pounds this summer. Really.

Trump wasn’t the only reason I dropped the weight. A nasty stomach flu I nicknamed the Alabama Slammer got me off to a fine start back in June. And, then when I went to donate blood and was rejected for having high blood pressure, I knew it was time a change.

But, really, it’s Trump who has been contributing all along to my mission to lead a healthier life. Part of it is due to my grossed out reaction to a picture I saw on Facebook of his huge gut….or was it the one of his huge butt? Boy, that guy is out of shape. And, by the way, how dare he EVER comment on what some woman, man or other living creature on this planet looks like.

What also happened, though, is that I had a serious, delayed reaction to Trump actually taking the oath of office as president. Yeah, the inauguration happened back in January but its full, orange, tsunami-like toxic impact didn’t really hit me until I walked out the door on the last day of school. My God, what have we done???

I’d been living in a bubble of hoped for objectivity. Some might call it denial. You see, I spend much of my waking hours during the school year teaching government or thinking about teaching government. Government and economics. And, despite my own personal feelings about POTUS 45, I have tried damn hard to present my high school students with the facts in a balanced way.

But, hell, this past school year took a lot out of me. I didn’t realize how much it drained me.

I have these wonderful students, a good number of them Trump supporters. They’re kind, decent, hardworking kids. I can’t get mad at them. Well, not for more than a few minutes at a time.

Then we have TRUMP. And, the people who voted for Trump. And, the people who gave Trump money and wear his stupid hats and put up with his indefensible, despicable behavior. Who ARE these people who like this JERK? Damn them for screwing up our country!

But…..wait….those are the same students, the same people who I really like. What???

Wow! Textbook cognitive dissonance. Me. Our country. What a mess we are all in.

So, yeah, I lost the 15 pounds. It’s really revulsion. Aversion therapy, as it were. Every fast food restaurant sitting on a steaming hot eight lane highway kind of reminds me of Trump’s big butt. In fact, Trump looks like a fat, greasy, cheap hamburger to me.

So, I’ve just been stepping on the accelerator all summer long and driving right on by all the junk food.

Nice thing is….I’m moving a lot faster these days. I’m a lean, mean, liberal voting machine. Well, the 54-year-old version.