I just went to the gas station to fill up the tank. As I was about to leave, a beaten-up, dirty truck pulled in. I glanced at the back of the truck, as I walked back to my car, because it was covered with bumper stickers. One bumper sticker said, “I love my country, I hate my government.” Another said, “Socialism=spread the misery among all.” There were political bumper stickers supporting Trump and our current Congressman, the Trump sycophant Lee Zeldin.

I drove away, and got no more than 200 yards away from the station when I decided I wanted a photograph of the back of the truck, which had at least 20 bumper stickers of a similar type. The grizzled old man driving the truck was pulling away. I followed him all the way home, about a mile away, but did not have the nerve to go into his driveway (I thought, “what if he has a gun and thinks I am stalking him?”). But I noticed that his house was tumble-down, his windows were as dirty as his truck, and his lawn was overgrown.

He is the perfect Trump voter. Hates government. Hates the elites. Hoping Trump will “drain the swamp” of bureaucrats and lobbyists. Hates those who are dependent on government programs. Yet from his woeful condition, I expect that he goes to the Post Office (government) to pick up checks.

I wonder why people who rely on government aid–whether it is social security or Medicare–hate government. He must have gone to public schools; he doesn’t look like a graduate of Andover or Exeter. Do people like him swallow propaganda from the Koch brothers and other libertarians?

What do you think?