One of our readers has said repeatedly that he is reassured to know that the election of a very rich man guarantees that he is not in office to make money.

That’s a good one. Trump has never released his tax returns so the public never knows when he is serving his personal interest or the national interest.

He never divested himself of his business interests. Putting his sons in charge is not the same as divestment.

He refused to relinquish the lease on the hotel near the White House even though the lease explicitly says that no government official may benefit from the lease. Renting space there is akin to a bribe.

And now he learn that Donald Jr. will be paid $100,000 to speak at the University of North Texas.

Will he speak about the meeting with a roomful of Russians on June 16, 2016, when he expected to get dirt from the Russian government about Hillary Clinton? Will he speak about the Magnitsky Act? Will he share the secrets of his business success?

One thing is sure: He will collect $100,000 not for anything he has accomplished but because he is cashing in on the family name.