Nancy Bailey read a post written by Bill Gates (or his writer). It seems he read a book that led him to write a post called “The Purpose Problem: What If People Run Out of Things to Do?”

Nancy responded here.

I can say that the purpose problem could be very troubling for a billionaire. Most people find their purpose is to survive, or to make enough money to have a comfortable life and to send their children to college. Others find a purpose in their religious activities, helping others.

For a man worth north of $50 billion, the purpose problem must loom large.

He doesn’t need to work, but most people find their life enriched by work.

He doesn’t need to make money, but most people find that making money is necessary for the essentials of life.

He has spent billions trying to solve global problems, and he very likely has helped untold numbers of people by investing in medicine and science.

His educational investments have not panned out very well, but he can’t seem to give up trying to fix the schools and ending up by demoralizing teachers and driving them out of their profession.

Bailey hopes that Gates will give some thought to how his activities have a negative effect on other people’s careers, lives, and purpose:

Gates ironically reflects on what it means to have purpose in one’s life.

I say ironically, because many blame Bill Gates for the current push to replace teachers in our public schools with technology—calling it personalized or competency-based learning.

Not only will teachers lose their profession and their purpose, a whole segment of society will be displaced—careers shattered.

This will drastically affect how and what students learn. Even our youngest children will obtain their knowledge on machines.

Brick and mortar schools will be a thing of the past. Children will learn on devices anyplace and anytime. Or they will attend online charter schools with baby-sitter-like facilitators instead of teachers. Connections to humans for learning will be distant…

He doesn’t ponder what troubling results can occur when “disruption” through technology happens in our public schools, or what it will mean when there is no more public school system in America.

Can you help Bill Gates as he tries to find his purpose in life?