Linda Weber is running against a Republican incumbent in New Jersey. Hers is one of the districts that Democrats hope to flip, so as to gain control of the House in 2018 and stop ztrump’s plans to defund public schools, environmental protection, Medicaid, and every other social program.

I put out an appeal to raise money for Linda when she needed to meet a June 30 deadline, and many of you responded with help. Linda met her goal, and she asked me to post this thank-you to you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To Diane and all of you who contributed to my campaign, I cannot thank you enough for your support of my candidacy for Congress in the 7th district of New Jersey. While I absolutely believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to flip this district, the reality is that I will need to raise a significant amount of money to do so. This is why your donations ahead of the June 30th campaign finance filing were so important.

While Trump tweets out insults, his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is doing significant damage to our public education system. If elected, I will stand up to any and all attacks on our public education system. Both of my sons had the opportunity to graduate from excellent public schools, and I want every child to have the same opportunity regardless of income, race, or geography. My husband Mark is a public school teacher so I know firsthand the challenges that educators face. Know that if I am elected, our public schools will have a strong advocate in Congress.

Linda Weber

Linda Weber