Tomorrow I will be 79!

My older sister says that it’s all downhill from here, but I’m not going anywhere, not without raising a ruckus.

Carol Burris has created a giant birthday card for me. I hope you will consider signing it.

This will be the first time in my life that I ever asked anyone to sign a birthday card that was not for someone else.

From the number of posts you get every day, you know that I work full-time to keep you informed about attacks on our schools and our educators.

No one pays me to do it. I do it because I believe that privatization of public schools is wrong. Attacking teachers is wrong. Attacking the teaching profession is wrong.

If you agree, help me by joining and supporting the Network for Public Education.

We have more than 350,000 members spread across every state. We have the capacity to generate thousands of emails to legislators and members of Congress. We exist to stop Betsy DeVos and her cronies and to fight for better public education for every child.

Join us. That will make me very happy on my birthday!