Denver has a seven-member school board that is completely controlled by corporate reformers from Democrats for Education Reform and others with no stake in the schools other than to push more testing and more privatization. Every single member was elected by corporate reform money. Not one single member represents the students and families of Denver.

That can change in this election.

A remarkable young man who recently graduated from the Denver Public Schools is running for the school board seat in District 4. His name is Tay Anderson. Tay is an exemplary young man whose life was in a downward spiral. He went from foster home to foster home. Then he realized he could take control of his life, and he did. He took and AP classes in calculus and literature. He was elected president of the student body three years in a row. He was on the honor roll. He is chairman of the Colorado High School Democrats. He was active in JROTC and was sergeant major of the Manual High School color guard.

He is a young man with a vision of hope and justice and action.

He is exactly what the Denver School Board needs. Imagine how all the folks whose seats were purchased by DFER and dark money will respond when they have this great young man of integrity, experience, and knowledge in their midst?

If you live in District 4, please vote for Tay. Ring doorbells for Tay. Tay Anderson represents hope for the future. He will be a voice for students and public schools.

Join #TeamTay.