ProPublica had performed a public service by obtaining the financial disclosure forms of top appointments in the administration. Take a look at those who are special assistants to Secretary DeVos. Each form lists previous jos held outside the federal government.

Several worked in the Trump campaign. One came through a Koch brothers organization. Another worked for DeVos’ American Foundation for Children. One was a program officer at the Gates Foundation. Another was an Uber driver. Another has no previous employment history. One came from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

One thing jumps out: other than working in voucher advocacy organizations, none has any experience in education. Or at least none they don’t acknowledge it if they did.

None was a classroom teacher or administrator. None was a State Commissioner of Education. None is a University scholar.

Betsy DeVos is surrounded by low-level GOP campaign workers and ideological bedfellows. And a former Uber driver.