Peter Dreier is a professor of political science at Occidental College in California. He is also an astute observer of contemporary politics.

In this post at Salon, Dreier reviews the “Tuesday afternoon massacre” and compares it to Nixon’s “Saturday night massacre.”

He suspects that Trump will try to appoint a pliable FBI Director who will wind down the investigation of the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

If Democrats win back control of the House of Representatives in 2018, the House would then open its own in-depth investigation, which might lead to impeachment proceedings.

Or Trump might decide that he really doesn’t like this job and prefers to return to his happy former life.

I heard this morning on CNN that the Senate Intelligence Committee has nine staff members working on the Trump-Russia, as compared to dozens of staff members who worked on the Benghazi hearings (which came up empty), and the more than 100 who worked on the Watergate hearings.

The issue will not fade away.