Jerry Taylor used to be paid to dispute people who said that the climate was changing. He was a skeptic. He did battle on television with those who believed in climate change. But he changed his mind.

When I read this interview with Jerry Taylor in The Intercept, I was very struck by the amazing similarity to my own change of view. I was once certain that common standards and tests were necessary to improve education and give everyone equal opportunity to succeed. I changed my mind as I watched the evidence unfold during the implementation of No Child Left Behind.

In this age, it is very difficult for people to admit they were wrong. But it happens.

I think we have to spend more time thinking about how to persuade people who don’t agree with us.

To change education policy to one that recognizes that each child is a unique human being, to change the goal of education to be the cultivation of each person as a citizen who can take charge of his or her own life, we must work to change hearts and minds of policymakers.

How do we change minds? I changed minds, and I can explain why. But I am still groping for answers when it comes to convincing others, especially when they don’t seem to care about evidence.