This is a fascinating article about the French presidential election, which will be held tomorrow.

LePen is a Trump-like nationalist, anti-immigrant, pledged to withdraw France from the EU. She inherited her party from her father, who was often characterized as a fascist. She has close relations with Putin and endorsed Trump. Her father was a Holocaust denier and a defender of France’s role in Algeria.

Macron is a financier and centrist who acknowledges France’s role in the Holocaust and has denounced French actions in Algeria as “crimes against humanity.” Macron’s campaign has been hacked and attacked by leaks, as well as smears (like saying he is gay and that he has secret bank accounts). The hacks appear to have Kremlin fingerprints on them, as well as those of pro-Trump hackers in the U.S. Macron is married to his high school drama teacher, who is 25 years older than he.

I recall Jean-Marie LePen, the father, as an anti-Semite. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.