Bob Schaeffer of FairTest reports on testing news from across the nation.

Responding to escalating grassroots pressure against standardized exam overkill, many state legislatures and education boards are advancing plans reduce testing overuse and misuse. Close monitoring by constituents is necessary to ensure that high-sounding proposals are actually implemented.

National Tell Your State to Consult with Stakeholders Over ESSA Plans

California New School Rating System Goes Beyond Test Scores

Delaware The Myth of School Grading

Florida Parents Push Back at Jeb Bush Plan for Higher Test Score Requirements
Florida House Panel Advances Bill to Make Some Tests Available to Public

Georgia State Legislature Sends Governor Bill Barring Punishment for Test Refusal–regional-education/georgia-lawmakers-send-school-test-refusal-bill-governor/KPJQ6uVPocHHUcAi1YxzoJ/
Georgia Legislators Consider Alternatives to Standardized Exams–regional-education/lawmakers-consider-alternatives-standardized-tests/WyPLN761lAoZj4if3kNCRI/

Illinois Opt-Out Tool Kit
Illinois Opt-Out Families Criticize Pressure to Take PARCC
CPS families, teachers cite pressure to take PARCC test

Indiana State Seeks to Delay Promised Test Revamp

Massachusetts State Plays Shell Game Over New Test’s Contents

Minnesota Stop the State Testing Madness

New Jersey Lawmakers Try to Spike PARCC Graduation Test
New Jersey Why All Parents Should Consider Refusing the PARCC
New Jersey The Importance of Pushing Back Against PARCC

New York Grassroots Organizations Unite to Urge Massive Opt-Out
New York Regents Dump Teacher Test With Large Discriminatory Impact

New York How to Opt Out of State Tests Video

Ohio Use Evaluations to Help Teachers Improve, Not Label
Ohio District-Mandated Exams Are Part of Overall Testing Crush
Ohio Test-Based Graduation Crisis

Pennsylvania State Shies Away From A-to-F School Grading System
Pennsylvania Academic Test Mandates Hurt Need to Develop Future Craftsmen
Pennsylvania State Considers Changes to Testing and Accountability Measures

South Carolina 1,300 Students Forced to Retake Mandatory ACT When Computers Freeze Up

Tennessee Lawmakers Want to Roll Back A-to-F School Grading System

Texas Education Committee Chairs Propose Major Changes to A-to-F School Grades
Texas Legislator: Testing Helps Create New Separate And Unequal

Washington State Could Say “Goodbye” to High-Stakes Graduation Test

University Admissions Test-Optional Schools Break Down Admissions Barriers
University Admissions FairTest Database of 925+ Colleges and Universities That Don’t Require ACT/SAT Scores

Worth Reading Top Ten Reasons to Opt Out of Tests

Worth Viewing “More . . . Than a Score” Video About Kindergarten Testing

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