If you are a Disney shareholder, let the company know that you do not like its CEO teaming up with Trump for tax cuts for the rich while attacking the rights of blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants. They too have families.

Consumer protests work. Do not go to see Disney’s latest movie. Do not buy its products. Use your buying power to say no to Hate.

Iger seems to think he can cozy up to Trump and reap the benefits of tax cuts while distancing himself from divisive issues like the Muslim ban, the Republican gutting of health care and ICE’s expedited deportation of immigrants. Even as Iger seeks exclusive access to the President, he expects the public to believe Disney is above the political fray.

Under a normal administration, it might be possible for a company to pick and choose what elements of a president’s policy agenda to support, and how to collaborate around a fixed set of issues. But this isn’t a normal administration. Right now, there are no sidelines. President Trump poses an unprecedented threat to our democracy and to the American people, and even corporations have to decide whose side they are on.

What Iger and his business analysts don’t seem to have factored in yet is that Disney’s customers, workers, and shareholders have the power to stop the company’s wagons and hold Disney to account.

People’s Action is leading a coalition that has already collected more than 511,000 signatures on a petition calling on Iger to resign from Trump’s board. People’s Action alone collected 76,922 signatures. Those signatures will be presented at a rally outside of the shareholder meeting to highlight the public outcry over Disney’s collaboration with President Trump. You can follow the rally on social media using the hashtags #BadMickey and #LetHimGo.