Steve Zimmer is the president of the Los Angeles Unified School District board. I know Steve. He is a good guy. He is smart and thoughtful. He started in education as a TFA teacher and stayed for 17 years. He ran for School Board and against the odds, was elected. His critics on the left complain that he has not fought charters as hard as he should. He has tried to keep the district focused on improving. He has not pleased everyone.

Despite his efforts to accommodate the billionaire bullies, they are out to get him. Eli Broad has targeted him and gathered millions of dollars from his billionaire buddies to knock Steve out. The Broad billionaires are trying again to gain total control of LAUSD so they can achieve their goal of putting half of the kids in private charter schools. They are pulling out all the stops. They want control.

Let’s be clear: Eli Broad is the Betsy DeVos of California. Although he went to public schools, he looks down his nose at them. He wants privatization. He wants control. He doesn’t care about your children. He cares about power.

Read this article and learn about the bundling tactics of the billionaires.

Only billionaires could be so arrogant as to think that they know better than everyone else. Most of them don’t live in Los Angeles. None of them has children in public schools.

Los Angelenos: Tell the billionaires to take a flying leap off a high peak.

Tell them your schools are not for sale.

Re-elect Steve Zimmer.