Donald Trump is a demagogue. He is a danger to our democracy. If you doubt this, read his remarks at a “campaign rally” in Melbourne, Florida. (He has already filed for his 2020 re-election campaign, meaning that his tenure in office will be an endless campaign).

Trump said that the press is not just his enemy, they are the enemy of the American people.

This is a direct attack on the First Amendment. This is an attack on freedom of the press. This is Trump’s attempt to intimidate the free press. These are the unhinged rants of a demagogue. This is a direct attack on our democracy.

Fortunately, not every Republican grovels at Trump’s feet. Senator John McCain said it: this is how authoritarianism begins.

John McCain is one of 52 Republican senators. Where are the other 51? Do they agree that a free press is the enemy of the American people? Do they applaud as Trump calls a press conference and demands “friendly” questions? Do they smirk when he falsely claims to have won the greatest electoral college victory since Ronald Reagan? Do they care that he was corrected in public and all he could say was that “someone gave him that information,” without acknowledging that it was not true? Were they concerned when he repeated this outright lie at his campaign rally the very next day? Is there any other Republican senator willing to stand up to this pathological liar and con man?

If the Republican Party swallows this self-degradation without a murmur, they disgrace themselves and their party.

If they watch in silence as Trump keeps up his calculated and demented attacks on the free press, this we know: This is how democracy begins to die.

We can’t let this happen. We must organize, join forces, work together to save our democracy from this egomaniac.

Join with your allies. Go to your Congressman’s town halls. Call his or her district office. Join demonstrations. Protest. Resist. Do not rest until this ignorant narcissist is returned to private life, free once again to cheat his fellow citizens.

It is time to take back our country and restore our democracy.

Start here, with The Indivisibles Guide, written by former Congressional staff members, who know how the system works.

Join the American Civil Rights Union.

Join People for the American Way.

Here is a list of groups fighting against Trump’s attacks on civil rights and civil liberties.

If you want to fight for public education, join the Network for Public Education.

Whatever you do, get involved.