Now that Trump controls the FBI, the CIA, and the Attorney General, there is one story he wants you to forget about. Before the election we learned that the intelligence agencies agreed that the Russian government interfered in our election to benefit Trump.

“That this story is constantly forgotten behind a barrage of daily nonsense is both maddening and astounding. At the very least, we know that …

• Trump’s campaign manager worked directly for Russia to subvert the government of the Ukraine, and was paid millions of dollars to generate “spontaneous demonstrations” in which US Marines were attacked in order to give Putin an excuse to seize Crimea.

• The Russian assistant ambassador is on record saying that, despite numerous denials, Russia was in contact with the Trump campaign on a regular basis.

• The only item where the Trump campaign forced a change in the Republican platform—the only item—was in modifying a plank to weaken the party’s stance on opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And Trump representatives said that concern came from Trump personally.”

“And yes, out there is a supposed folio of kompromat containing items that Russia feels it can use to put pressure on Trump and his team. But even if every disgusting item in that secret file is just a fantasy, how is it possible that this story has completely disappeared?

“We honestly don’t know if there’s even any investigation into the Trump-Russia connection.”

Will the Trump-Putin link be investigated? What will Jeff Sessions do? Isnt this the time for a special prosecutor?

What happened to Christopher Steele, the British spy who compiled the dossier?

What is the reason for Trump’s deference to Putin?

What is Putin’s hold over Trump?