Fred Smith, testing expert and humorist, shares this bulletin:

“Spring may be on the way. Famed weather reporter rodent Staten Island Chuck declared that the city will enjoy an early end to winter after he failed to see his shadow during the annual Groundhog Day ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo.”

Reporters then put two bowls of groundhog food in front of New York’s second most famous Chuck. One was marked YES and the other was marked NO. They pressed him to make other forecasts. The one that drew much attention was when this usually reliable rodent Chuck was asked if Betsy DeVos’ nomination would be confirmed.

He hesitated but then began to DeVour the food in the NO bowl. (He refused to make predictions about the Super Bowl.) President Trump immediately tweeted that Chuck was a bigly rat and traitor who had sold out his base on Staten Island. Reporters looking for other sources of information about DeVos’ fate turned to the Magic 8 Ball. It said the Senate “Outcome in Doubt.”

Moments later, Kellyanne Conway with forced cheer said that this was nothing but fake news based on pseudo facts.