Senator Marco Rubio questioned Rex Tillerson closely about his ties to Russia. Tillerson hemmed and hawed. Some thought Rubio might vote against Tillerson.


He announced today that he would vote for Tillerson.


Putin really likes Tillerson. He conferred an award on him as a Friend of Russia.


Why? Tillerson negotiated a $500 billion deal to drill for oil in Russia. ExxonMobil has more land under contract in Russia than in the U.S.


Only one problem: the U.S. sanctions imposed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea put ExxonMobil’s deal with Russia on hold.


How long do you think the Trump administration will keep those sanctions in place? Rex Tillerson has worked in only one corporation for 42 years. ExxonMobil. Whose interests will he represent as Secretary of State? The U.S. or ExxonMobil?