Those Los Angeles billionaires are up to their old tricks, handing out astronomical sums to capture control of the public schools, in which they have never had children or taught.


Former Mayor Richard Riordan, a close ally of billionaire Eli Broad, just contributed $1 million to a fund to defeat Steve Zimmer, the president of the Los Angeles Unified School District board.


The committee to defeat Steve Zimmer is called, ironically, “LA Students for Change, Opposing Steve Zimmer 2017.” Neither Richard Riordan nor Eli Broad nor any of the other billionaires who contribute to this fund are “LA students.” It is a typical “reformer” deception, intended to mislead voters that students are putting together a multimillion dollar campaign to clear the path for Eli Broad’s desperate desire to put half the students in Los Angeles into charter schools.


This nomenclature is similar to the billionaires in New York and Conne richter who created the fake group “Families for Excellent Schools,” who raised millions to promote charters, although none of those elite families had a child in a public school or intended to send their own children to charter schools. Their own children are at Andover, Exeter, and other posh schools where tuition is about $50,000 or more.