The Washington Post has some great reporters who cover education as well as the excellent “Answer Sheet” blog of Valerie Strauss.


But its editorial board has been consistently, flagrantly wrong about education for years. During the disastrous tenure of Michelle Rhee as chancellor of the D.C. public schools, the editorial board defended Rhee vociferously. They cheered as she tried to fire her way to success, they ignored the national reports of cheating, they didn’t read the sharp reporting of their gifted staff.


And now get this: the editorial board says that one of the positive proposals from Trump is privatization of public education. 


What? Send federal funding to every religious school and promote the spread of corporate for-profit schooling? Will every religious school and charter school be subject to all the mandates that accompany federal funding?


Apparently the Washington Post editorial board thinks that all public schools in the nation are just like those in DC. And incidentally, the federal evaluations of the D.C. Voucher program have shown no gains in test scores as compared to the public schools.


I am willing to bet that there is not a single public school parent on the Washington Post editorial board.