Paul Thomas had a terrible biking accident on Christmas Eve and has endured great pain while he recovers from a broken hip. He is a serious cyclist, not just a guy out for a bike ride. He and his friends were mowed down by a careless driver.


During his recreation, he has been thinking more than ever about the world and the mess we are all in.


Let him tell you about a novel that he read and the thoughts it provoked. 


So as I recover in the weeks leading to my 56th birthday—a new year, a new age, and this new existence forced onto me—I am deeply moved by “you could get used to anything.”




What an ugly thing to be human and having the capacity to get used to anything.


But there was a time in the U.S. when slavery was perfectly normal. There was a time in the world when the Holocaust was perfectly normal.


Because normal, like history, is the province of those with power, a way to render some Others “deliberately silenced,…preferably unheard.”


And today the U.S. is eagerly normalizing a person and ideologies that would have seemed illegitimate just months ago.


Make a promise: You will not get used to “anything.” You will never forget what a democracy and a decent society are supposed to be. You will not accept the cruel policies that we are about to experience as normal. They are not normal. Keep your sense of values. There will be another election is less than two years. And another presidential election in less than four years. Hold on to your integrity.