Ellen Lubic, faithful reader, education activist in Los Angeles, and professor of public policy, urges fellow activists to reach out to Republican senators in trying to block Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be Secretary of Education. In every state, the overwhelming majority of students attend public schools. If one or both of your senators is a Republican, please call them, visit their district offices, ask your friends to reach out as well.


Ellen Lubic writes:


It is imperative for Democrats to nurture Republicans of good will and conscience to join in the protests against the Trump nominees for his Cabinet.

We MUST learn and adopt new lessons from Mitch McConnell how to stall legislation and have a bloodless revolution in DC against the leadership of Trump (who I cannot call Prez T….so it is just plain ‘Trump’) for at least the next four years.


This is a new world of Dems bending to create a cohesive coalition with potentially reasonable Repubs like Olympia Snow, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, McCain (who has reached across the aisle many times in his long career), and even Lamar Alexander (who is Diane’s old boss and mentor from 1991). These legislators have already expressed their angst at the Trump takeover, and they have great influence with their Congressional colleagues.

Write to THESE Repubs about all this.


It in NOT time for progressive Dems to draw lines in the sand. In this NOT SO BRAVE new world, those of us with long memories must push for Congressional cooperation to defeat as much of Trump’s horror choices and revisionist Constitutional behaviors as we can.

And educators MUST broaden our view from only ed issues, and scream out against all oligarchic edicts that hurt all of our society.


Ellen Lubic