Bob Schaeffer of FairTest reports the latest news on the testing front:


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National Personalized Learning or Continuous Online Testing — new FairTest fact sheet
National Proposal for a Model State Assessment System


California Feds Insist that State Administer Out-of-Date Science Tests


Colorado State School Board Seeks New, Shorter Tests


Florida Senate Budget Chair Will Try to Cut State Exam Requirements
Florida District Reduced Local Testing Mandate


Indiana Schools Question Accuracy of Test Scores
Indiana Teacher Bonuses Based on Flawed Exams


Massachusetts Superintendent Calls for School Accountability Reset
Massachusetts Many Ways to Evaluate Students Beyond Tests


Montana State Develops New Assessment Plan Under New Federal Law


Ohio State Board Delays New Grad Testing Rules


Oklahoma What’s Wrong with A-to-F School Grades


Pennsylvania New School Grades Would Put Less Weight on Testing
Pennsylvania Standardized Testing Is Not the Answer for Evaluating Schools or Students


South Carolina Educators Oppose A-to-F School Grading Plan


Tennessee Education Administrators Criticize School Grades


Texas Local Board Calls for Repeal of State’s School Letter-Grade Rating System


West Virginia School Grading System Undermines Educational Quality
West Virginia If Student Grades Were This Flawed, Parents Would Not Tolerate It


Wisconsin Legislators Get “F” for Civics Test


International Putting PISA Results to the Test — Poverty Is Major Cause of U.S. Poor Sores


Worth Reading The Myth of Grading Student Performance


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