Amy Moore is a teacher in Dems Moines, Iowa. In this post, she congratulates Donald Trump and explains to him what it means to be a public servant, like her and other public school teachers.


“Congratulations on your recent successful interview process. Though I understand that the hiring committee was divided in their selection, you were chosen to run the United States of America. As a public school teacher, I welcome you to the ranks of those of us who are servants to the people.


“Knowing that you are used to being served by others rather than being the support to others, I am here to help. Many in the education world believe that having an expert mentor to show the ropes to those who are new is essential to success. While I’d not necessarily call myself an expert, I do have lots of years of practice in the public service sector, and I heard that I might get a little stipend for the extra time spent assisting you, which would really help save up for the amount of money I will need to put my children through college.


“Speaking of money, we teachers have another similarity with you. Many of us have more than one job as well! And, while your career in business is able to fund your yachts and mansions and our second jobs often fund our groceries and child care, it’s still a connection. It’s really great that you’re giving up your presidential salary. We have that in common, as many teachers give up a portion of our own salary — although ours is given up to buy materials for our students.”