Angie Sullivan, second grade teacher in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada, sent our her bulletin to legislators and journalists:

As far as I discern from the data available on the Nevada Report Card:

Nevada has 22 charter providing services to High School Seniors.

Five charters did not report data in 2015-2016:

Founders Academy (State Charter)
American Prep Academy (State Charter)
Global Community (CCSD)
Leadership Academy of Nevada (State Charter)
SSCS – Silver State High School (State Charter)

Leaving 17 Nevada charters which reported graduation data.

This is how many seniors failed to graduate in these charters:

Innovations Charter (WCSD) – 1554 Seniors; 1262 failed to graduate.

Nevada Connections (State Charter) – 1923 Seniors; 1238 failed to graduate

Delta Charter (CCSD) – 826 Seniors; 684 failed to graduate

Nevada Virtual Academy (State Charter) – 1127 Seniors; 411 failed to graduate

I Can Do Anything High School (WCSD) – 560 Seniors; 400 failed to graduate

Beacon Academy of Nevada (State Charter) – 803 Seniors; 380 failed to graduate

Odyssey Charter ( CCSD) – 792 Seniors; 376 failed to graduate

Rainshadow HS (WCSD) – 188 Seniors; 141 failed to graduate

Quest Academy (State Charter) – 42 Seniors; 8 failed to graduate

Coral Academy Reno (State Charter) – 34 Seniors; 8 failed to graduate

Andre Agassi (CCSD) – 34 Seniors; 7 failed to graduate

Explore Knowledge (CCSD) – 29 Seniors; 7 failed to graduate

Academy for Career Education (WCSD) – 59 Seniors; 2 failed to graduate

Coral Academy Vegas (State Charter) – 42 Seniors; 2 failed to graduate

Nevada State High School (State Charter) – 181 Seniors; 2 failed to graduate.

Alpine Academy (State Charter) – 21 Seniors; all graduated.

Overall Nevada Charters provided services for 9015 Seniors and 4928 failed to graduate. Perhaps more – since 5 charters did not provide data.

Tell me now why we are in a rush to turn our public schools into charters?

Aren’t charters supposed to be the experiment and competition for public schools? You would expect the graduation rate to be at least as high as a neighborhood public schools correct.

What is being done about these failing charters?

If CCSD and WCSD took out their failing charter data – their graduation rates would greatly improve.

Charters are worse than the regular neighborhood public schools. Legislation needs to get this mess under control. Failing charters have to be closed. This is ridiculous.

This is expensive and a scam.