I believe that charters should be created by districts to meet needs that the district itself can’t fill. Charters should not drain funding from public schools. They should not compete with public schools. Charters should be led by educators, not by corporate chains, entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports stars, or high-school dropouts.


Here is a charter that meets my criteria, described in a comment on the blog today:


I work at a nonprofit charter school for kids with autism. we only accept children who are diagnosed with autism first on their IEP. We range from preschool until high school and are in the process of building a second location to cater to students aging out of public school. We accommodate children on the spectrum whose needs may not be met at public schools. We stay open by raising money, having donors, and getting a small percentage of funding from the school district. We are not a for-profit charter which seems to be the problem with charter schools. When you have schools that are being regulated and the call is to profit instead of help the children you have a serious problem. I found this blog when I was looking for articles about for-profit charters and if they do meet the needs of children with special needs. From what I am able to find the only thing that for-profit charter schools do is take away federal funding from public schools and make money off of the education system. I happen to be in the car using talk to text so I don’t know if all my sentences are making sense but I hope my comment was helpful. We need to stop women like Betsy Devos before she privatizes education and stops thinking about children and only thinks about profit.