The Washington Post has a front-page story about the joint statement of outgoing President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The story is interesting and worth reading.

(I notice that the Washington Post removed the photo. So here is another from The Sun of Britain:)

What stopped me in my tracks is the photo of “60 Minutes” filming in the gilded palace where Donald Trump lives, up in the clouds. I was reminded of the palace at Versailles, the rooms where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lived, until the French Revolution, when they lost their heads. (Sorry for initial error with wrong King Louis–and I visited Versailles a year ago. My bad!)

Such opulence! No wonder Trump prefers to be in Trump Tower, rather than the White House. He may turn out to be a part-time President, available in DC only 2 or 3 days a week.

Many people speculated that Trump wanted to win the biggest prize, but he never wanted to be President. That’s a full-time job. He had a really nice life, free to come and go at his pleasure. Now people expect him to be at a desk? All day? He doesn’t like to read. He has a short attention span.

As one of his sons allegedly said, he will let Mike Pence run foreign and domestic policy and attend to the details, while Trump focuses on “making America great again.” Preferably at home in his golden penthouse.