Stuart Egan, a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in North Carolina, writes here with advice for voters who care about public schools.

He warns voters not to believe the claims made by Governor McCrory and the General Assembly. They have done nothing to help schools and teachers. They are determined to destroy what was once a highly acclaimed public education system.

He writes:

North Carolina’s situation may be no different than what other states are experiencing, but how our politicians have proceeded in their attempt to dismantle public education is worth noting. The list below is not by any means complete, but it paints a clear picture.

Removal of due-process rights – This keeps teachers from being able to advocate for schools.

Graduate Degree Pay Bumps Removed – Removed a means for teachers to invest in their profession.

Standard 6 – Teacher evaluation protocols are arbitrary at best

Push for Merit Pay – Never has worked in education. Besides, all teachers assume duties outside of teaching.

“Average” Raises – Average and Actual do not mean the same thing.

Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups – specifically NCAE.

Revolving Door of Standardized Tests – And many of the tests are made and graded by for-profit entities.

Less Money Spent per Pupil – NC still has not approached pre-recession levels.

Remove Caps on Class Sizes – Teachers are teaching more students and sometimes more class sections.

Jeb Bush School Grading System – This actually only shows how poverty affects public education.

Cutting Teacher Assistants – Hurts elementary kids the most.

Opportunity Grants – A Voucher scheme that profits private and religious schools.

Unregulated growth of charter schools – No empirical data shows any improvement in student achievement with charter schools.

Virtual Schools – These are hemorrhaging in enrollment.

Achievement School Districts – Again, an idea that profits a few and has no successful track record.

Reduction of Teacher Candidates in Colleges – We are lacking in numbers to help supply the next generation of teachers for a growing state.

Elimination of Teaching Fellows Program – Another way to discourage bright students from becoming teachers.

Egan says it is time to hold these scoundrels accountable.

There is only one way to do that: at the ballot box.