The Network for Public Education Action Fund is a c(4) political action group, approved by the Internal Revenue Service to make political endorsements. Unlike most other PACs, however, we have no funding to offer those we endorse. All we can give is our public support to help voters know which candidates and which resolutions are in the best interest of public education.

Our endorsements are made after candidates request an endorsement and fill out a questionnaire. They are vetted by our members in the locality or state. A committee of the board reviews the documentation and recommends whether to endorse.

Before you head to the polls on November 8th, we wanted to tell you about the pro-public education candidates we have endorsed in national, state, and local elections.

NPE Action has also taken positions on three ballot initiatives. If you live in these ballot initiative states, make sure to participate in these important votes.

Ballot Initiatives



From Yes on 51:

Prop 51 is a state bond to address the multi-billion backlog of school construction projects.

It provides funding to repair schools, upgrade classrooms and train veterans. It is a fiscally responsible way to fix schools, with tough taxpayer accountability.



From Keep Georgia Schools Local:

On November 8, 2016, Georgia voters will be faced with a deceptive ballot question: “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance?”

The right answer is NO.

Join parents, teachers, and communities across the state working to Keep Georgia Schools Local.



From Save Our Public Schools MA:

Ballot Question 2 proposes to lift the charter school cap in Massachusetts.

Under the proposed ballot question, 12 new charter schools enrolling up to 1 percent of the school-age population could be approved every year, forever, with no limit. These charters could open anywhere in the state, and there are no restrictions on how many charter schools could be opened in a single community or how much money any one district could lose to these new charter schools. Vote no.

Presidential Endorsement

The Network for Public Education Action (NPE Action) endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. NPE Action is not aligned with Ms. Clinton on all educational issues, however, all members of the NPE Action Board strongly agree that the election of Donald Trump would have disastrous consequences for public education.

Read the full endorsement here.

Statewide Endorsements

The Network for Public Education Action is proud to announce its support for Barbara A. Madsen for the Supreme Court of the State of Washington.

According to NPE Action Board President, Diane Ravitch, “Madsen is a judge of great integrity who cares deeply about justice and equity. As an organization devoted to strengthening and improving our nation’s public schools, we are grateful for Judge Madsen’s defense of the right of every child in Washington to an ample public education.”

Learn more about Judge Madsen here.

We support Glenda Ritz for State Superintendent of Public Instruction of Indiana. A former library media specialist in an Indianapolis School, Glenda understands the importance of educating the whole child. She knows that the purpose of reading is not just to pass a test.
She is opposed to the reform agenda in a state controlled by those who would privatize Indiana schools.
We believe that Glenda deserves our support in her bid for re-election.
Learn more about Glenda here.

The Network for Public Education Action also gives its endorsement to Chris Reykdal, in the race for Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Here is what Chris told us about why he is running – “Washington State is under court order to fund PUBLIC schools even while education “reformers” are pushing more aggressively for new charter schools. I am running to support, defend, and improve our public schools! I am incredibly passionate about this work and always have been.”

Learn more about Chris here.

The Network for Public Education Action gives our unqualified support to Steven Bullock, for Governor of the State of Montana.

Governor Bullocks’ strong, support for public education and democratically governed schools is well known throughout his state. In 2016, The Network for Public Education’s State Report Card ranked Montana 4th in the nation. Under Governor Bullock’s leadership, the state received a rating of “A” for its resistance to privatization and for its resistance to high-stakes testing.

Learn more about Governor Bullock here.

State Endorsements

The Network for Public Education Action gives its unqualified endorsement to Zephyr Teachout to represent New York’s 19th Congressional District.

Zephyr’s strong, progressive support for public education is well known throughout New York State. During her Democratic primary bid for New York Governor, her support for democratically-governed public education was a prominent part of her platform.

Learn more about Zephyr here.

NPE Action is proud to endorse Renitta Shannon for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 84.

Ms. Shannon tells us, “I am running because Georgia is facing a school takeover plan similar to what Michigan has been through, and the Democrat incumbent has been voting and advocating for school vouchers, and school privatization. I believe we need to fully fund public education.”

Learn more about Renitta here.

Mandy Wright is a public school teacher who believes in investing in community schools. She supports the Fair Funding initiative of the governor, which will provide stability to school funding in the state. She also believes in investments in teacher training programs, loan forgiveness, and reinstating of collective bargaining.

Learn more about Mandy here.

NPE Action proudly endorses Larry Proffitt in his bid for a seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing District 66, Robertson County. Larry, a public school teacher, told us why he wants to serve – “Politicians have had their turn. It’s time to put an educator into the legislature to help improve jobs, education and health-care.”

Learn more about Larry here.

NPE Action is proud to endorse Ardashes “Ardy” Kassakhian for the California State Assembly, 43rd District.

We believe that Ardy, who is a pro-public school candidate, deserves the vote of NPE supporters. According to NPE Action President, Diane Ravitch, “We need a champion in the California legislature. It would be wonderful if Ardy can show that the powerful charter lobby can be beaten in November.”

Learn more about Ardy here.

Local School Board and City Council Endorsements

Kwame, who is a teacher of mathematics and science, told NPEAction that, “We should be using testing to guide curriculum and instruction and help create student improvement plans. We don’t need more tests–students are more than test scores. We need to stop the practice of using test scores to determine school, student or teachers value.”Learn more about Kwame here.

NPE Action proudly endorses Robert Garcia for the School Board of the Etiwanda School District in San Bernardino County, California.


Robert was a teacher for 12 years, and he is in his second year as an administrator. Robert taught in a charter school for a short while, and helped unionize its teachers.

Robert supports smaller class sizes, opposes vouchers, and wants to make schools more equitable for all students.

Learn more about Robert here.

NPE Action is proud to endorse Drew Franklin for an At-Large Member seat of the Council of the District of Columbia (DC Council At-Large). Franklin, a writer and Occupy Wall Street activist, explains his support for education – “I am committed to community control of public schools in DC, which is home to some of the country’s most extreme racial inequities in education…corporate reform has only made the situation worse.

Learn more about Drew here.