Angie Sullivan teaches second grade in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada. She is a passionate advocate for her students, most of whom live in poverty in a county blessed with untold riches.

Guess what? The Nevada Legislature has decided to issue bonds so that billionaire Sheldon Adelson can have a new stadium. Adelson is a far-right Republican; he was one of Newt Gingrich’s biggest supporters. He now supports Trump.

Angie writes about it here, in an email circulated to journalists, legislators, and school board members:

Important events.

Drop-out Sheldon Adelson declared one of America’s richest men

Sheldon Adelson gave money to Trump – both have extreme political views.

Donald Trump Gains the Support of a Former ‘Never Trump’ Billionaire

Trump is rejected by prominent Nevada Republicans

Sheldon Adelson wants a stadium and for tax payers to assume the risk.

U.S. Senator Harry Reid backs stadium.

Democratic Lobbyists campaign for stadium

Special session called to give Adelson funding for stadium

Democratic Nevada Senators could stop stadium deal or at least make sure stadium jobs were union or starving public schools got much needed funding. They don’t.

A few Nevada Democratic Senators try

The Culinary Union openly campaigns against this give-away to Billionaire Adelson – who is aggressively anti-union.

The DNC uses Culinary to campaign for Hillary.

Democrats hate Adelson?

Seems confusing?

Perhaps circular.

Not hard to figure out; money is driving this car.

To be clear: Sheldon Adelson could pay for 20 stadiums if he wanted to do so. He enjoys making us do it for him.


What these political money games look like for me?

I worked from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at my school trying to copy reading materials. I have zero reading textbooks. The copiers were not working.

No textbooks

No paper.

No copier.

I gave up for tonight.

And I am only one accountable?

Guess that makes me a whiner?

Maybe I should suffer because my Title I, Tier I at-risk school teaches the poor?

I was emailing Democratic Nevada Senators who received huge donations from Adelson – asking them to hold out since the stadium deal is a money pit and public schools are starving in Nevada.

Stadium finance experts blast Vegas deal cut by “worst hagglers in Haggletown”

Second year in a row a special session is held to give a billionaire a tax payer funded deal.

I get lectured by democrats who could have done something: They say the money will trickle down to me and my at-risk kids.

Trickle down? I am waiting by the broken copier right now because I have no textbooks.

I’m not supposed to be disappointed?

30 years Nevada public education has been neglected. We are not ahead even after last session restored previous cuts.

Over-night Sheldon Adelson gets a new toy.

Is it any wonder teachers feel like they have zero allies?

Stop your whining and eat those crumbs!

I guess I should lose my job because I state openly I need a reading textbook.

Pardon me for being disappointed today.

The injustice is so thick it is hard for me to see.

I will be at every protest Culinary needs to hold to make those stadium jobs UNION.