The pro-charter political group called Stand for Children and four pro-charter candidates face potential fines up to $685,000.

“The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance on Tuesday sent a show cause letter to Stand for Children and candidates Miranda Christy, Thom Druffel, Jane Grimes Meneely and Jackson Miller.

“The violations relate to the candidates coordinating with Stand for Children and its two political action committees to find campaign workers. The coordination, first reported by The Tennessean, stemmed from an email between Stand for Children’s political director, Dan O’Donnell, and the executive director of the Martha O’Bryan Center, a nonprofit group that operates two charter schools.

“I am appalled at the money that was put into this race,” said school board member Jill Speering, who easily defeated Grimes Meneely despite being dramatically outraised. “It’s going to be interesting to see what the findings are and what kind of action is taken.”

“According to the ethics bureau’s board of directors, that coordination caused the four candidates to eclipse campaign contribution limits. Each campaign is subject to a fine equal to 115 percent of the difference between the contribution cap of $7,600 and the amount of the unreported political help provided by Stand for Children. That comes out to about $70,000 in potential fines per campaign, and Stand for Children’s political action committee is subject to the same potential fine for each infraction.

“The campaigns also are subject to $10,000 fines for incorrectly reporting contributions in their disclosure reports. According to the letter, each candidate reported incorrect figures on the second quarter and the pre-primary disclosures, which means each is subject to up to $20,000 in total fines. In total, the two Stand for Children political groups and the four candidates could face up to $685,164.38 in fines. A hearing is set for Oct. 12.”