Mercedes Schneider reports here on the unprecedented spending on the Massachusetts ballot question on expanding privately managed schools. She includes the spending by both sides: those who want more charters and those who do not.

Most of the funding against charters comes from teachers’ unions and people who live in Massachusetts.

Most of the funding for charters comes from financiers and billionaires who do NOT live in Massachusetts.

Mercedes links to this article:

Boston radio station WGBH reviewed spending records on the charter referendum and found that charter supporters, based largely in New York City in the financial industry, have thus far spent more than $12 million to promote passage of Question 2. Question 2 would remove the cap on charter schools.

The opposition consists of billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, who gave almost $300,000, and the Waltons of Arkansas, who gave $1.8 million.

The chairman of the Massachusetts State Biard of Education gave $100,000 to the pro-charter, pro-privatization camp. Lifting the cap would strip resources from the state’s excellent public schools. Opponents have started a petition calling on the Governor (a privatization advocate) to oust the chairman of the state board because of the blatant conflict of interest.

Expect more money from Wall Street before November 8. This is a must-win for the privatizers.