Bill Phillis posts disturbing news about one of the nation’s lowest performing schools, a virtual charter name ECOT, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

He writes:

“$3 million of Straight A state funds went to Straight D-F ECOT in 2014

What kind of twisted process was conjured up to permit the transfer of $2,951,755 of Straight A state funds to the ECOT man in 2014? This disgraceful governmental malfeasance is an affront to Ohio taxpayers.

This $3 million went to a business enterprise that has collected nearly a billion dollars from school districts but cannot verify that students are being engaged in learning for more than an average of one hour per day.

The travesty of the ECOT saga is that state officials in charge of the Statehouse may continue this colossal waste of tax money. As the August 19 Columbus Dispatch editorial suggests, ECOT appears to be running the clock out hoping that the legislature will eventually permit online operators to collect funds merely on the basis of enrollment.

Public school officials, educators and advocates should confront their legislative representatives and the Governor on this matter.”

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