Barbara Madsen has had a stellar career as a public defender and as a judge in Washington State.

She was first elected to the Washington State Supreme Court in 1992, and has been re-elected again and again.

Her colleagues chose her to be Chief Justice of the Court in 2009.

In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that charter schools cannot receive public funding dedicated to public schools because they are not public schools.

Chief Justice Madsen wrote the majority opinion.

In the state of Washington, public schools are governed by elected school boards. Charter schools are privately managed. The decision was 6-3.

To retaliate, the Billionaire Boys Club put together a campaign fund to defeat Judge Madsen of more than $1 million. Judge Madsen has raised $30,000.

Justice Madsen came in first in the state primary last week.

Now there will be a race between her and the second place candidate in November. We can expect the billionaires to throw millions into this race to beat Justice Madsen. For a billionaire, a campaign contribution of $100,000 or $500,000 is no big deal.

Please go to her website and read about her. She is a dedicated public servant who represents the public interest.

Don’t let the billionaires take her out!

Tell them with your votes that our public schools are not for sale!