I encourage readers to watch as much of the GOP convention as you can stomach.

I watched last night and was appalled by Chris Christie’s speech, in which he “prosecuted” Hillary for her “crimes” and invited the audience to shout “Guilty or Not Guilty.” Of course, they happily shouted “Guilty!” every time. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Christie seemed to be auditioning for the job of Attorney General in the Trump administration.

The vitriol directed towards the Democratic candidate for president was truly disgusting. There were repeated chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

I had the sick feeling in my stomach that if Hillary were to walk into the Quicken Loan Convention Center, the mob would burn her at the stake.

The Hillary Hatred was over the top.

When the election is over, one of the two major party candidates will be president. How can they govern when so much hatred is fomented? I would say the same about Democrats: They can rail about Trump’s inexperience, but they should not make him an object of hatred and contempt.

Fortunately I missed the spectacle on the first night when two black speakers ridiculed the Black Lives Matter movement and were lustily applauded by a nearly all-white audience.

But I did see Donald Trump Jr. compare American public schools to Soviet department stores, where the employees take care of themselves but not their customers.

If you want to see the most extreme rightwing convention in our nation’s history, you must watch. It is fueled by anger, hatred, and rage.