T.C. Weber, a public school dad in Nashville, attended the annual convention of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, which was held in his hometown, and describes the tone he heard and the people he met.

The leaders, the ones who gave keynote speeches, were militantly insistent on the expansion of charter schools and militantly determined to portray public schools as failures. They think they are fighting a “civil rights” battle against bastions of injustice (public schools) and that they are akin to the freedom fighters in Iran. No talk of collaboration, of being in common cause with those who work in public schools.

The people he met, the teachers and principals, not so much. Many of those he met were doing good work, not at war with public schools.

The movement, however, is implacable and determined to destroy public schools.

Worst of all, they credit their greatest successes to Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.