Polls show a surprongly close race between Trump and Clinton. This is frightening. Trump is a con man, a blowhard, and a bully with zero governmental experience.


This retired teacher says the time has come for Bernie to pack it in. At this point, he has no mathematical path to the nomination, and he is hurting Hillary and helping Trump.


Does he want to be responsible for electing President Trump?


Before you say that Sanders has better poll numbers than Hillary against Trump, remember that the Republican attack machine has not touched Bernie. They are happy to let him do their job on Hillary. If he were the candidate, you would hear nonstop about his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, about Burlington’s sister city status, when he was mayor, with Yaroslavl and Managua (under the Sandinistas). This would not bother readers of this blog, but it will be catnip for the attack machine.