The New York Times published a story today about PARCC’s efforts to remove all blogs and tweets that referred to items from their test. Leonie Haimson says the story is incomplete, and she fills in the gaps in her account. 



A friend in the education field told me that he was puzzled by PARCC’s actions. He said, “Why don’t they just release those three contested items?”


Maybe they are afraid of setting a precedent.


It is astounding that a test that has such weighty consequences (yes, Mike Petrilli, the tests are still used in many states for teacher evaluations and school closings) should be immune from review and discussion. How many hidden Pineapples are there behind the veil of secrecy?


Oh, well, PARCC has seen a dramatic decline in usage. The number of states has dropped from 24 to 7. If the trend continues, bye-bye PARCC.


By the way, I never got an explanation or even notice of the deletion of one of my posts I the middle of the night on May 13. Not so much as a “by your leave.”